Aroma Therapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage oil is a liquid made up of plants and various herbs that benefit and affect someone’s mood or health. The way the aromatherapy massage oil is extracted is by gently heating plants and herbs. When the plants and herbs are gently heated the natural and essential oils and other beneficial properties are released. Massages are known to relieve tension and stress, relax the human body, soften the skin, improve blood circulation and improve breathing. With aromatherapy massage oil you can enhance the effects of a massage a significant amountA massage course covering the basics of anatomy such as the circulatory and respiratory systems, the digestive and nervous systems, muscle groups, as well as how to deal with clients’ tension Skin problems are also highlighted. This course lays a comprehensive foundation for effectively using essential oils in a massage practice. In addition, students study about 4 elemental with the use of essential oil massage. The focus is also on the therapist using correct massage body mechanics as students spend their time practicing in this course.